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Apparels Sourcing

HME. Provide Garment Buying and Sourcing Services, Manufacture products in factories located in Egypt, China, India and Bangladesh with a very cost efficient manners, Order Coordination, QC & QA Control, Technical Support for all textile products, ensure products meet customers requirement. (Yarn, Fabric Garment and Quality).

We select factories based on our customers’ goals and production requirements :-

  • We’ll oversee that production is handled properly by monitoring and communicating with factories for quality and on-schedule deliveries. This includes approval assistance with color/lab dips; fabric/yarn sourcing/ size standards/strike-off approvals/ label approvals and fit approvals.
  • We act as your intermediary we ensure you get the best available price that is mindful of our ethical standards. We also take an extra step and check that you are pricing your products appropriately and in such a way as to maximize profit potential.
  • We are your critical third eye. This review looks at clothing product development and Line development, Merchandise, planning, cost savings, review technical package & samples developments, and review garment quality standards.
  • We Coordinate production by highly skilled & Production /Quality Experienced Personnel’s whom kept and pointed Zone wise, taking an overlook of efficient right in time production & Quality Assurance upon of Quality Inspectors, making sure that every step taken by each factory (Zone wise)towards right direction and up to customer’s provided specifications and requirement.

Fabric Sourcing

Fabric sourcing as stand-alone fabric import, or for garment and apparel manufacturing. Our Sourcing Team focusing on Knit fabrics all types, Woven fabrics all types, Denim covering the products of ladies, men’s, and kids wear. Our Technical Expertise is focusing on fabric finishes covering all Kind of:-

  • Carbon finish, Sand finish.
  • Sueding, Brushing, Napping.
  • Moisture management, Wicking
  • Air permeability, Keep cool.
  • Nano finishes heat reservation, Ice fabric.
  • Carbon fiber properties for sportswear,

Our fabric usable for women’s wear, Men wear, (Activewear, Sportswear, Suits, Formal Pants, Casual Pants, Causal jackets, Sweaters, Shirt, Twill, Denim,) we are buying and sourcing from Egypt, China, India, Indonesia, and Thailand.

Merchandise &Technical Fabrication

  • Ensure all development are made with perfection and up to buyer’s specification and requirement on-time submissions.
  • Coordinate with factory and Merchandisers to help and make factory personnel understand the technical aspects of a product as designed or required by the customer.
  • Ensure all materials construction and specifications are precisely followed.
  • Ensure right loop length and correct machines are selected for knitting, to guarantee the best results of fabric dimension stability.
  • Dyed Lots shade bands, consistencies between the colors of every order and dye lots.
  • Inspect fabric following the point 4 system.
  • Making individual dye load shade bands for consistency to assure every role matching through.
  • Make sure that dyes, chemicals or dyestuff being used during dyeing meet the International testing standards, in a friendly way to the Natural environment and causes no harms or effects to end user.
  • Track every Lot’s technical data related to the individual fabric i.e. shrinkage results, weight GSM, Torque, fastness to crocking, dry-wet, dimension stability, following American Association of Textile Chemist and Colorist standards, and European standards.
  • We check each and every dyed lot by our team to ensure the best matching with shade consistency through our latest Spectrophotometers and technically trained staff.
  • We are familiar with all kind of most updated testing methods and criteria’s related to the approval of specific stores. Up to American and European standard.
  • We are using the Spectrophotometers and lightbox while comprising of CWF-D 64 – TL 84 – UV Lights.

Quality Assurance

We can help your company identify quality standards implementation. Setting these standards is an important and major part of product development :-

  • Quality Assurance Department is divided to 2 different teams Lead by Expert Production Coordinator / Zone wise.
  • Each Quality Inspector has been assigned in individual factory to maintain quality and to perform the Bridge Services to connect all other departments of Apparel Connection with Factory Management and technical Staff.
  • All Quality Inspectors Report to Production coordinators / Quality Assurance Manager & superior Chief Operating Officer.
  • Our all quality Inspectors follow Strict Standards and perform inspection following AQL 2.5 standards. Whereas it could vary as per customer’s requirement.

Textile Consultancy

1. Manufacturer Consultancy

We provide expert consultancy services to local textile and apparel manufacturers as well as our foreign clients so as to enable both parts to better understand the production options and specific requirements of the clients.

Furthermore, HME expert’s in-depth knowledge on diverse aspects of textile and apparel industry and they are capable of suggesting you the best options on various topics like :-

  • Fabric Manufacturing Knitting &Weaving.
  • Dyeing, Printing & Finishing.
  • Garments Manufacturing or Clothing.
  • Facilitating you to arrange the most appropriate piece of land for establishing your new textile project, Fabric, Dyeing, and Garment for vertical textile manufacturing set up.
  • Coordination and liaison with the respective offices at purposely established industrial estates to ensure the availability of basic utilities, like electricity, gas, water, water treatment station, etc.
  • Professional support during selecting and buying the machinery for newly established textile and apparel factories for Knitting , Weaving , Dyeing , Finishing , Garment , all equipment needed for the vertical set up .
  • Expert services for arranging the technically competent and professionally groomed human resource for optimal performance.

2. Lean Methodology

When you need your organization to be more competitive in the marketplace.

When you need your new product idea must have a solid business case to back it up.

When you need adding value to the products while eliminating waste.

  • HME, Will provide Lean Consulting services and apply the Lean methodologies across your organization.
  • HME, guides, coach clients to develop a continuous improvement culture that will drive sustainable improvements thru the organization.
  • HME. Couch and guide organizations to perform better in a defined area or to resolve a problem where it is most needed and drive improvements in all process across the company.