Why Choose Us

  • We do our utmost efforts while sourcing the world-class textile products at the best competitive rates in the region.
  • Being your exclusive sourcing agent in Egypt we will float the trade leads in the textile manufacturing industry so as to have the price from various units.
  • We conduct pre-shipment inspections on behalf of our clients to ensure quality product as per ordered specs and requirements
  • We coordinate with manufacturing mills for packing and onward transportation to the port of shipment.

Why Egypt?

Factors benefiting Egypt in the global market

  • Egypt has adequate labor resource. Wages are competitive and stable.
  • The government runs various training programs, continuously upgrading the skill sets of the labors.
  • The location of the country facilitates quick and easy exports to other countries such as Asia, Africa, and Europe.
  • It is duty free to USA which makes it a preferred sourcing.
  • Egypt is equipped with 15 commercial ports facilitating its exports.

What Do We Do?

  • Selecting the right supplier for our customers, negotiate prices and close deals.
  • Managing Product development for our customers. / Proto Samples / Counter samples and Pre Production samples.
  • Processing orders from local Egyptian suppliers.
  • Being in touch with suppliers and manage the approval of the development.
  • Handle customers comments on samples and their requirement to suppliers
  • Monitoring orders processing with suppliers.
  • Keep a critical on the quality of products during the production process.
  • Conduct social compliance audits in manufactures facilities and perform factory inspections.
  • Looking after Shipping and logistics.

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