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HME WORLD founded in 2017 by Eng. Mostafa Kamal the backbone for our organization, he is a versatile, high-energy professional, with over 3 decades of rich experience in the manufacturing process of vertical textile; scaling new heights of success, and leaving a mark of excellence on each step. Through various positions in the textile industry, he developed both his technical and commercial skills and gained extensive knowledge of the textile manufacturing.

  • HME is a Buying and Sourcing Agent for Textile and Apparels include Knit and Woven Garments Manufacturer from Egypt and Sourcing Fabrics from Egypt, India, China, and Thailand. Overall, our production flow, team spirit, health and hygiene arrangements, and upmarket wage structure are oriented to provide our services for USA, Canada & European Buyers of highest quality perception.
  • HME Also appointed few of our Egyptian textile and apparels manufacturer’s as per our honorable customers’ requirements. Our company is aware of the well-known companies good name and fame through of the different issues which are included herewith for your further kind consideration.
  • HME act as your eyes, ears, and nose. We visit the factory, run background checks and ensure that what you receive what you expect. Furthermore, even the best factory can have delayed or made mistakes. Then your sourcing agent in Egypt should keep effective contact with vendors frequently to ensure your goals will be met.


HME.Is a full-service Textile and Apparel Sourcing, Buying agent, and fabric wholesaler, offering, comprehensive sourcing services for American & European apparels’ buyers from Egypt. We negotiate prices, take care of specification, ensure quality, and look into the execution process and speed of production to secure delivery dates.

HME responsibility is to look for quality products and reputable suppliers and handle everything you need in Egypt on your behalf while looking after your every interest in it.


HME. World co. is envisioned to be one of the world class trading houses in Egypt for catering the diverse range of requirements of our worthy USA and European clients with regard to textile and apparel market.


Our core mission is to maximize the business volume and profitability of our clients. Therefore, being a promising trading agent, we are striving to facilitate the buyers as well as the sellers for closing the best deals.

Our Service Flow

Arranging Vendors

We have a large unique network of small medium and large woven, knit manufacturing companies Also we have very good sourcing for fabrication, dyeing, and confection companies. We allocate the appropriate manufacturers to suit the products and the buyer’s best interest.

Sample Development

We arrange samples and development of different types like salesman, Fit, pre-production and green seal etc. We arrange approval for samples and patterns, grading to all required size sets and production markers from our end.

Sourcing Fabrics

We help to get ahead by sourcing items on our buyers’ behalf in both the local and international market. We control the quality of all fabrics and yarn inputs and coordinates the timing of their procurement, imports. All fabrics are tested for a high standard quality set by our customers to ensure product meet specifications.

Production Follow-up

We monitor manufacturing manually and technically, from the yarn –knitting or weaving –fabric developments to finish product and keep our buyers regularly updated with production status. We identify any risk factors in the production of garments and discuss the same factors with the manufacturer to overcome the problems.

Quality Assurance

We maintain international standard requirements from the yarn –Knitting &weaving –fabric process to finish product, and ensure that all production run in the meet standard.

Shipping Coordination

We review and check shipping documents to ensure   they meet the buyer instruction provided by buyers L/Cs, well before the actual   shipment arrival.


We can conduct final Inspection and audit On behalf of our buyers when needed. We ensure 100% the shipment meets our buyer requirements and up to his standard.