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Who We Are?

HME WORLD founded in 2017 by Eng. Mostafa Kamal the backbone for our organization, he is a versatile, high-energy professional, with over 3 decades of rich experience in the manufacturing process of vertical textile; scaling new heights of success, and leaving a mark of excellence on each step. Through various positions in the textile industry, he developed both his technical and commercial skills and gained extensive knowledge of the textile manufacturing.

HME.Is a Buying and Sourcing Agent for Textile and Apparels include Knit and Woven Garments Manufacturer from Egypt and Sourcing Fabrics from Egypt, India, China, and Thailand. Overall, our production flow, team spirit, health and hygiene arrangements, and upmarket wage structure are oriented to provide our services for USA, Canada & European Buyers of highest quality perception.

HME. Also appointed few of our Egyptian textile and apparels manufacturer’s as per our honorable customers’ requirements. Our company is aware of the well-known companies good name and fame through of the different issues which are included herewith for your further kind consideration.

HME act as your eyes, ears, and nose. We visit the factory, run background checks and ensure that what you receive what you expect. Furthermore, even the best factory can have delayed or made mistakes. Then your sourcing agent in Egypt should keep effective contact with vendors frequently to ensure your goals will be met.